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Sakura says while Sasuke glared at her. "What relationship you're just crazy." Sasuke says while Naruto had looked at him shocked as he looked down he couldn't believe it Someone had actually liked him and Sakura killed her. Naruto watched as Sakura looked at Sasuke and walked over to him and grabbed his hand and put it on her chest.

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In this novel, I saw quite a bit of the Sakura I like, but the Sasuke I had come to know and love was nowhere. In his place, I found a fanfiction version reminiscent of the one I wrote when I was sixteen. Now, I'm not bashing the writer, but she diverted from everything we know about Sasuke's character. He doesn't care about stupid rings.

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Sasuke reveals to Naruto that the Nine-Tails' power was sealed inside him and now wants to use the chakra to revive himself. Naruto refuses to allow Sasuke to control the Nine-Tails, but the jinchuriki soon takes full control of Sasuke's body. After the Nine-Tails escapes, Naruto and Sasuke go on a journey to find the beast.After years of heartache, Sasuke and Sakura finally reunite to fight together in the Fourth Shinobi War and then fight against Kaguya. Sasuke gets sent to another dimension, and Sakura uses the rest of her chakra to open a portal. Sakura thinks she failed and begins to fall back from all the energy she had used and the acid wound she had just taken on when Sasuke appears behind her and catches ...

With the fight coming down to the wire, Sakura pulls out all the stops. Genetics by JinnySkeans : (Rated T) : (Humor/Romance) Sasuke reflects on the ultimate Uchiha curse: that of being really, really, ridiculously good-looking. One man's journey to protect his children from their own physical attractiveness."Sakura!" Sasuke said, as he tasted her. "My God, Sakura. You taste so good!" "Sasuke!" Sakura moaned as he pushed himself on her to let her know how she was making him feel. "OH MY GOD!" was heard from the entrance followed by the sound of wood hitting the cold stone floor. Both Sasuke and Sakura froze as they realized that Naruto was back.