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The three-dimensional description of rigid body kinematics is a key step in many studies in biomechanics. There are several options for describing rigid body orientation including Cardan angles, Euler angles, and quaternions; the utility of quaternions will be reviewed and elaborated.The orientation of a rigid body or a joint between rigid bodies can be described by a quaternion which consists ...

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free fall [1]. The rate gyroscope measures the angular velocity through the Coriolis Effect. The ideal rate gyroscope determines the orientation of an object by integrating the angular rates starting from a known position. Together, the accelerometer provides information needed for the initial starting position while the rate gyroscope updates theThe so-called "-convention," illustrated above, is the most common definition.In this convention, the rotation given by Euler angles , where 1. the first rotation is by an angle about the z-axis using , . 2. the second rotation is by an angle about the former x-axis (now ) using , and . 3. the third rotation is by an angle about the former z-axis (now ) using .The cross section is flat before fin-shaft is deformed, which is still flat with a small slope rotation angle after deformed according to Euler-Bernoulli beam theory. Eq (9) can be obtained: (9) The formula of bending stress can be obtained by Hooke law σ x = Eε x and Eq (9). (10) Step 4 Stiffness matrix equations of element

zyx_angle_rates ) inline: Definition ... one has to conjugate the matrix. Parameters. displacement: The displacement as a 3D vector : Definition at line 184 of file XtransRotZYXEuler() ... zyx_euler: The orientation of the new coordinate system, specifyed by ZYX-Euler angles.Euler Angles • Need way to describe attitude of aircraft • Common approach: Euler angles • Pro: Intuitive • Con: Mathematical singularity -Quaternions are alternative for overcoming singularity